Fresh Cut


Our Hydrangeas

A timeless flower that people are falling in love with all over again.


Our Roses

The Rose: Beauty, Romance and Perfection.

Our Greenhouse

We have 4 acres of modern, glass greenhouses imported from the Netherlands.

The environment is computer controlled with sensors that read temperature, humidity, and CO2 levels inside the greenhouse. The computer sensors also read temperature, rain levels, wind speed and direction, and light levels outside the greenhouse. It takes all of this information into consideration as it decides how to heat and cool the greenhouse.

Supplemental lighting is used to ensure that quality and production are maintained through the winter. A hot water heating system keeps the climate at the optimum temperature at all times.

Growing Techniques

Our roses are grown hydroponically in pulverized coconut shells which would otherwise go to waste. By using a hydroponic system we are able to give the plants the perfect feeding schedule to maintain quality. All the drain water from the plants is collected and re-circulated thus preserving the environment.

We use an integrated pest management system with biological preditors minimizing the need for chemicals to control unwanted pests.